In a degree we all participate and contribute to the continuation of a corrupt system of politics, media, and consumption. As participants aware or unknowing, there are few actions we can take to change this. Being Ahostage is not outwardly changing or rebelling against a set standard. We run parallel and individual to a corrupted world. Our clothing is an insignia and a form of anti-American Propaganda. Recognizing your stance as Ahostage is a critical step to individuality. Because we will not escape the grasp of America. 


“Throughout our lives we are subjected to indoctrination by a systemic structure of processes and institutions. Within this conditioning environment beliefs almost “grow” into us. And once they are a part of our socially constructed selves they are sustained, reinforced, and protected, often unconsciously, by psychological processes of perception. With few rare exceptions, all people are brought up within specific culturally defined environments (or templates). A person’s dominant social milieu then attempts to offer a variety of accepted socio-cultural norms of thought and behavior. These may operate through various forms, such as personal faith, religion, science, language and emotions, denial and doubt, happiness and fear, safety and security (identity and belonging), well-being and materialism. Once ingrained, a person is liable to perpetuate such traits, believing them to have been obtained through “free thought.” In the end, we reinforce beliefs that have grown into us, accepting and defending them as our own. So when we say, “I don’t believe,” what we often in fact mean to say is, “I automatically reject everything my brain is not wired to receive.” The end result is that for most of us we only believe those things we want to believe or that fit within our perceptual paradigms and/or experiences”
Dennis Kinsley